Friday, May 09, 2008

Fiber Friday 5/9/08

It's time for another Fiber Friday Flashback. I'm knitting a sock (I know) thinking about yarns spun long ago. What was I doing this time last year?

I can't imagine what I was doing back then compared to now - at a time in my life simply described as "starting over". Or perhaps "starting fresh" sounds less dramatic?

It's interesting to see I was making batts, not yarn. Batts are the result of the hard work of preparing, dying, and combing fiber to be spun. They are large fluffy clouds of raw potential.

I am still unspun right now, but I like to think of this recent move as the preparation for something great.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Yes well it is Friday so I'm sharing some fiber!

Granted these are batts and not homespun, but this is all I have to share this week.

Today is a special Friday, as it is my last day of work. This means that despite possible jury duty next week I will be dying and spinning like crazy.

Until then, lookie the batts. Six of them, all cranked out on my Strauch Petite drum carder.

They contain mixed wool, mill ends, mohair, recycled sari silk, silk noil, bamboo, and angelina sparkle fiber. I like making them. I also like playing with them. And petting them.

/Fabulous Fiber Friday Flashback.

It's funny to see I was yet again ending another job.

I worked freelance for the last seven years in documentary and television production. I never knew when, where, or what my next job would be but usually by the time it ended I was happy to move on.

I might be in the process of a huge career change here. All I know is that I need a really good job.

As I settle into my new digs I still have to get all of the yarn and fiber organized for the great return to spinning scheduled for June. The Tour de Fleece is right around the corner as well. And the Black Sheep Gathering.

It's going to be a great summer, filled with new potential. And knitting and spinning too.

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