Tuesday, May 20, 2008

KnitPicks Visit

Yesterday was not a typical Monday... no. It was very very exciting. My pal Brooke and I got to visit KnitPicks and see it in person.

First, I made cookies.

I did not want to show up empty handed and I also wanted to make a good impression. Perhaps they'll remember us fondly? It was worth a shot.

Brooke assembled a basket to put the cookies in along with stationery and other fun gifts she put together. We figured there were a lot of people working there and they should all like us!
I didn't take enough pictures, but I found this wall fascinating. This is the design wall for the spring 08 yarns currently available with the colors and inspirations for everything on display.

I wanted to stare at this wall all day.

Actually it was a bit bigger than what you can see. I tried to focus in on one board a little closer. What you don't see is what they have in the works for this summer and fall. Top secret!

It's a good thing the yarn warehouse is in another state. There may have been an incident otherwise.

Everyone we met was very nice and it seems like a great place to work. (Hire me!)

Angela was our lovely tour guide for the morning and I tried to get a picture with the three of us but I think we took turns blinking/looking goofy. I had to show all three so you can see for yourself.

I should have made everyone pose together... with Xena, the small dog who also works/blogs there. She is ridiculously cute.

They certainly would have noticed if I dognapped her so I fought the urge.

I now have some projects in the works using some Gloss yarn, which I can't wait to show off.

Tease: One of them is Halloween related.

Overall it was really fun and I hope I get to go back sometime.

And then our adventure continued...

A giant salad bar was in order. We ate and knit and no one noticed or cared. It was great. I have a picture of Brooke eating but I am feeling kind and won't post it. Let's just say there wasn't a food stylist present.

No it was not a typical Monday. It was very exciting indeed.


undeadgoat said...

Ooh, how exciting!

Anonymous said...

my ego thanks you for feeling so kind as to not post a pic of me with a huge mouth full of food!(and certainly looking like a bovine!!!)

Anonymous said...

Your cookies were awesome! I think the plate was empty by mid-day. I didn't get to meet you guys, but I saw Angela giving you the tour. Thanks for not taking a picture of our shamefully threadbare carpet in the marketing department too... ;)

Anonymous said...

It was great meeting you and the cookies and gift cards were an excellent surprise, especially for a Monday!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Come back and stare at the wall anytime! And bring more cookies... :)

Jennifer said...

Wow! That was an exciting day!

Anonymous said...

Hey Star - I love reading about your goings on. Aunt Patti has a message for KnitPicks: Hire Star - It'll be good karma and she'll bring cookies and brownies and all good things. Life is an adventure!