Sunday, October 21, 2007

A change of plans

I decided to enter the Hill Country Yarns sock contest. I had a design in mind and I kept picturing it in a tall warm cinnamon fine yarn.

I was dreaming of a rich, dark fall rusty color. I looked at the Color card, and chose burnt orange. I also left a note at checkout describing the color I was looking for, with links. I know color cards can be off, so I wanted to make sure I got a color as close to the color card as possible.

Hello hot neon electric orange.

At first I was pretty disappointed. Of course colors on monitors don't always reflect reality and I should know better than to have expectations. The best thing to do is to get over it and dive right in... and I have!

The yarn is called "Instant Gratification" because it knits up quickly. (I think it's dk weight) The label suggests US size 4 to 6 needle but after swatching, I'd use a 4 if you knit tightly or a 3 if you don't. I mean, of course, for socks. The best part is that this yarn is very soft, nice to handle.

The skein weighs 4oz and has 280 yards. I have faith that this is enough yarn for a pair of socks, though I am curious to see it happen, having never knit socks with thick yarn before.

The original design I had in mind won't work, that's fine. I've had a change of plans, and I'm happy to say I've hit on a new idea. With a little luck, they will just maybe become a pair of socks that I fall in love with!

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Anne said...

I can see why you were fooled because that color looks warm, yummy and fall-like on my monitor! Good luck designing your pattern. Someday ...