Monday, August 27, 2007

Campanula progress

By the time you read this I have already turned the heel!

Pattern: Campanula for the Cure.

Yarn: Knitpicks Essential in pumpkin (pictured)

Needles: Size 2 (pictured)

Notes: My gauge is about half a stitch off, which is resulting in a slightly loose sock. To compensate, I am doing the directions for a small foot and it seems to be working out. I just turned the heel and the sock fits well.

In real life I have a narrow foot (pictured) but it is also long. This is part of why I love knitting socks... socks that really fit!

I also took my socks on an outing the other day to spread the word. A requirement of the KAL is to do this and since I am now unemployed again but also busy helping several people move, the right opportunity hasn't presented itself.

SO, I just took my socks out with me on a walk. We stopped by the pawn shop and the gas station and sure enough posing with a sock does attract attention. You'd think knitting socks to cure cancer wouldn't require so much explanation but it turns out it does. Because you have to explain the point of knitting socks in the first place.

I think I spread the word to some people who definitely would not have otherwise stumbled on this knit-along. Outing successful.


Anonymous said...

I love the pawn shop photo! hahhahah

Laura said...

The socks look great, but I really need to know where you live that has gas for TWO SEVENTY NINE!!

Macoco said...

Very pretty sock! I like how you started the the time you read this... heehee;)