Friday, August 03, 2007

Fiber Friday 8/3/07

Happy Fiber Friday! I am happy to share some yarns today...

These are officially the last of the Tour de Fleece yarns... until 2008 of course.

I'm starting straight off with the yarn spun on challenge day: feathers.

I wrote a bit about spinning it here. I'm thrilled with the results and the general festivity factor. 69 yards, 2.2 oz.

The second yarn here is called small box. You know, a small pack of crayons. single yarn of hand dyed mill ends, 85 yards, 1.8 oz.

The third yarn down is woodland sprite. It's a single yarn of hand dyed mill ends. 1.8 oz, 77 yards.

How about another crazy yarn? Neapolitan: Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry inspired yarn with ice cream cone charms! The charms were made by Laughing Lark on Craftster, by the way.

The yarn is spun from hand dyed pink mill ends, white mill ends, and natural merino. Plied with crochet cotton strung with charms. 78 yards, 2.9 oz.

This last yarn was spun on the last day of the Tour de Fleece, 2007... while watching the last day of the Tour de France on TV. It's a tribute to the yellow jersey on the cobblestones of Paris. It's a single yarn made from natural merino, hand-dyed yellow mill ends, and recycled sari silk. 81 yards, 1.9 oz.

In other news, coming soon: a re-launch of my etsy shop... with homespun yarn, fiber and more! I'll keep you posted.


dragon knitter said...

i was going to ask what you were going to do with all your handspun, lol. now i know (and they're all gorgeous)

Faith said...

There's so much goodness on this page! Mind if I link to it?

Star said...

thanks! Go for it faith!