Friday, July 06, 2007

Fiber Friday 7/6/07

Another Friday, another Fiber Friday.

This week I have a self-striping worsted 2-ply with white mill ends, hand-dyed red stripes, natural grey wool, and black alpaca. There are bits of pink mohair for the surprise.

I'm trying to shake the image in my mind that this yarn suggests a road accident.

You know what's great about today's installment of Fiber Friday? The Tour de Fleece starts tomorrow! And for the few cycling geeks out there like myself, the Tour de France starts tomorrow as well. Frankly, I may not sleep tonight.


Wendy Stackhouse said...

The Tour de Fleece is really helping me out this year, as all of the Fair entries must be postmarked by Thursday, July 12th this year!! Eek!! I'm laying out my supplies to get more different kinds of yarn in this year, but I've got to get it all spun up (or plan to drive to Pomona AGAIN).

How are you doing for Fair yarns this year?

Star said...

ACK! Thanks for the head's up - I am totally unprepared for the Fair. I've got one decent yarn but I'm hoping to submit three total.

I better get that figured out asap!

Fiberjoy said...

Accident? or Road Rage on Bicycles? Let the race begin! :-)