Friday, July 27, 2007

Fiber Friday 7/27/07

The Tour de Fleece has been the best thing that's happened to Fiber Friday. I've got a lot of yarns here to share.

First up: Contador. Made in honor of the young cyclist Alberto Contador, this was spun on the day he won his first stage ever in the Tour de France. The colors of his Discovery team (blue, green, black) are here with white for the best young rider jersey he wears and one yellow stripe for the sleeve the Discovery team has in honor of Lance Armstrong. The whole deal is plied with wasabi green crochet cotton. 138 yards, 4 oz.

Next: Velouria. This has some purples, wine, honey, mahogany, and peach plied with steel grey thread. Mixed wools, merino and tencel. 2.8 oz, 107 yards.

The third yarn I spun while watching the Tour de France wind it's way to Montpellier, so that is it's name. Bold, bouncy colors plied with steel grey thread. Mixed wool, merino/tencel. 2.9 oz, 116 yards.

The next yarn is called Sea Change. It's a 2-ply wool progressing from blue to green to yellow. 3.5 oz, 99 yards.

The last yarn on the block is Red Buttons. Of course. This yarn is hot! All shades of red, orange and yellows, plied with black thread strung with buttons. 3.2 oz, 142 yards.

I have more, but this is all that's fit to print today. Have a lovely Fiber Friday, world wide web! I'm going to an open house at the school/camp where I teach kids to spin and knit. They get to show off all their little projects to their parents tonight, and I'm excited for them.

Teaching kids to knit feels really important, though the people out there working to cure cancer may beg to differ. In any case, Friday is Friday. Let's enjoy it together. Everyone welcome.

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Wendy Stackhouse said...

Beautiful yarns as always! Sorry to hear you haven't made Ravelry yet, but you're welcome to join in on Saturday, August 25 in West L.A. I'll get you the address. I think we're meeting at noon.

Will Pillage For Yarn is having it at the coffee house where she is a barista, it should be fun to meet other L.A. spinners in person!