Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tour de Fleece FAQ

I'm excited to report it's only 9 days until the start of the Tour de Fleece! I've gotten a lot of questions lately and I'll try to answer them here, in the first official FAQ. (Subject to change, of course)

1. It's not too late to sign up.

2. The idea is to spin every day the Tour rides. If you can't, I won't punish you.

3. You don't have to be Tour de France obsessed like I am to spin-along. You just have to want to spin yarn. A wheel or spindle will both work.

4. If you want to watch the Tour de France and you live in the US, Versus is the channel that airs it.

5. You want to know where to link your badge? I don't require this, but if you want to show solidarity... You can link it to the Tour de Fleece page:

6. When you sign up here, it's great if you could leave your name and blog address in the comment so I don't have to guess and hunt when I add you to the list.

7. If you live in Europe and have an opportunity to get a picture of yourself spinning while the Tour de France passes by, you will get special treatment... including, but not limited to, the intense envy of yours truly.

8. All of the basic information can be found on the sign up page here.

9. Show off your homespun during the Tour in our Flickr pool here. Lots of people have already signed up and started chatting about what to spin!

10. There are no requirements of how much you have to spin. Just spin every day. If you're travelling, take a drop spindle along. Five minutes spin time counts.

OK. This is my first big blog event. Last year was great, but we had fewer people and I could keep up with everyone. This year is already fantastic. We have so many spinners I can hardly believe it. I am open to hearing your suggestions on what I can do to make this as fun as possible for all of us. If I'm not doing something I should, it's probably because it didn't occur to me.
In closing, enjoy this picture I snapped at the Black Sheep Gathering last weekend of a curly-headed sheep!


Carole Knits said...

This is my kind of event - very few rules and the ones you have are ones I can live with! Something that might make it fun would be prizes. I'd be willing to donate one if you decide to offer them up.

AmysBabies said...

WOO HOO!! I can hardly wait those 9 days

Star said...

Great idea! I have some prizes I could use already... but the more prizes the better?

Are the prizes then awarded by drawing? Ideas?