Friday, June 01, 2007

Fiber Friday 6/1/07

Hello fellow Fiber Friday enthusiasts!

I have one skein of yarn to show off this week. It's a sky yarn with white coil clouds.

I didn't spin as much as I wanted to due to things like jury duty, bike shopping, house cleaning, and a bad toe.

I have some ideas for new yarns and I look forward to trying them out. I'm going to force myself to spin more to get out of the slump. I have to start gaining momentum for the second annual Tour de Fleece! (July - you have been warned)


5elementknitr said...

That's really pretty! Do you sell your stuff?

Star said...

thanks! I do - just hit the link on the side "buy my homespun"

I'm on etsy - seller name is starathena


Anonymous said...

I would like to sign up, but do not have a blog. I need just such and activity to get me spinning again - after all I have 30 lbs of processed fleece in 5 colours just witing.