Friday, June 08, 2007

Fiber Friday 6/8/07

Is it wrong to say I am extremely pleased with this yarn?

Probably... But I am. It's balanced.

This is all natural yarn - natural white mill ends, natural coopworth from Santa Ynez Valley, and natural black wool. 4.9 oz. 110 yards.

The yarn is meant to stripe itself. I'm thinking of entering in this year's LA County Fair for judgement. I recall they value a yarn's balance.

I wonder how they would judge a crazy art yarn? "Overspun" "Inconsistent thickness" "Impractical" Okay now I'm wanting to submit one of those too.

Have a great one everyone!


Anonymous said...

Wow - all natural fibers? Looks GREAT.

Anonymous said...

Stunning...purrrfectly pleasing! Even the sheep are proud. I can see the "Far Side" cartoon where the contributing animals are looking into the nursery at this finished product all saying at the same time, "it looks just like me."

Kari said...

Hey - did you get my email? I had one more question before I finish your bag! :)

Jeremiah said...

That is some sexy yarn...