Saturday, June 30, 2007

My Favorite Word Meme

I've been blogging over a year now and managed to avoid getting "tagged" by either not getting tagged or ignoring the tagging that sort of happened.

I'm ready to start accepting the responsibility that goes along with running a blog. Indulge if you will, the meme... (Thanks to CraftyGinger)

Here's how it goes - once you're tagged write a short blog post about your favorite word, and what makes it your favorite. Of course you can have more than one! Be as long-winded as you like! Just make sure to copy & paste this text into your post, and tag four friends!

For the sake of this game, I'm going to act as if I had a favorite word, which I don't. There are good words, such as peanut, lilac, ginkgo, fandango, yankee doodle, tinker, frankenberry, duchess, parsnip, munchkin, clover, aglio e olio, etc.

These sort of words are fun or yummy or pretty.

Then there are bad words. Words that make the skin crawl, or give you the idiot shivers. Words like crotch or moist. Come to think of it, never ever use those two words together. Ever.

I remember having a conversation with my parents once about words they don't like. My mom hates "paraphernalia" and my dad hates "closure," though not in the zipper sense. What words do you love or hate?

I'm tagging Brooke, Gina and Heath, Stacy and Amy. This is not a chain letter and nothing bad will happen to you.


Kari said...

Thanks so much for playing along with me! I must be a dork, because you made my day with just a blog post - but thanks anyway!

Crotch+Moist=BAAAAAAD!!!! LMAO
Love that one!

Gomerriffic said...

This post had me laughing so hard my kid came to see what was so funny! Those are two words that I have thankfully NEVER used in the same sentence! haha

Gomerriffic said...

This had me laughing so hard my kid came to see what was so funny! My favorite word is ginormous.