Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Go ahead, have one...

I'd like to share some cookies I made.

I now remember why I don't bake very often, no one to eat them. No, I won't eat all of them by myself. Stop looking at me like that.

I've been very busy lately writing up a new pattern for small amounts of yarn. And riding my new bike. And planning a trip to the great NW. Anyone else going to Black Sheep Gathering?

I'm also soon launching the second annual Tour de Fleece. Get ready to spin!

Finally, I must admit to something that has been weighing heavily on me lately. Something that has actually caused me to blog less than I like because I feel guilty... know what it is?

I had a contest a while back to name the Blythe doll I bought. I never announced a winner. That's because I went with Violet, a name I had already taken a liking to. And then I was embarrassed to admit I screwed up the contest. And some of you might have noticed?

And now that the one-year anniversary of this blog is upon me, I need to make a clean start. I'm sorry to announce... there was no winner! Congratulations to me for picking the name! Seriously, I appreciate everyone for coming up with names. There were some great ones in there.

Now have a cookie, pal.


AmysBabies said...

*nom nom nom*

Good cookies! Count me in for the comming up Tour

Anonymous said...

ARGH! Hearing you're going to be there makes me even more annoyed that I can't go to Black Sheep! I live here, but I won't be in town because I idiotically planned my wedding for the 23rd and it's out of town so I don't get any Black Sheep this year at all.

But I should be on board for the Tour, the flickr group is still there too!

no more shall we part said...

can't wait to have you up here...

AR said...

Mmmm, yum yum! The reason I don't make many cookies anymore is because I eat way too many!