Wednesday, May 23, 2007

This is post #261

...And I thought I was a lazy blogger!

Seriously though, I'm looking forward to a few things over the next month:

1. My current job ending

2. Maybe going to the Black Sheep Gathering. Hello?

3. Celebrating a blog-i-versary. (okay, what is the real word for this?)

4. Preparing for the second annual Tour de Fleece in July (details soon)

5. A return to compulsive spinning and dying and batt making (see #1 above)

6. Getting a bicycle already.

7. Getting caught up on all things dental, etc. health-wise. Not exactly looking forward to it, but doing it anyway.

8. Photographing more finished objects and bragging about them here. Jeez, I never hardly mentioned the TWO blankets I made last year.

9. Writing a new pattern for using up small amounts of handspun... curious?

10. Why do lists have to run in tens? The first nine came easily. Let's just be happy then. Wait! That's number ten. Being happier. I can just do that, right?


AR said...

11. Making more lists

Just kidding. I think your list is great. I should do one, and get organized. (Yeah right)

Wendy Stackhouse said...

Small amounts of handspun? Do tell!

Faith said...

The world can always use more handspun patterns- there are far too few, imo!

no more shall we part said...

BLACK SHEEP...means you will come to Oregon...which means you MUST STAY WITH ME SO THAT WE CAN GO TOGETHER!!!
call me call me call me!! xo, b