Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Another day in pictures

Take a deep breath. This is real air.

An amazing meal.

Another amazing meal. But in a different way. A pea soup way.

An amazing sign.

I hope you like this mini-vacation. I sure enjoyed living it.

I'm still knit-blocked... But I'm knitting dishcloths until I shake it.


Anonymous said...

Don't ya just love, love, love Andersen's Pea Soup? My brother took me there several years ago on a trip to California and I'm still talking about it! (I realize this makes me sound a bit pathetic, but hey - it was good pea soup! LOL)

By the way, I loved your bit on Knitty Gritty! You rock. Thanks the for the great patterns.

Anonymous said...

I like all the photos, but definately the cows! moo!

Ellen Bloom said...

yes! dishcloths and washrags rule! We call them "procrastination project"...when you really can't decide what else to knit or crochet, but HAVE to knit!

fleur_delicious said...

say, you went to Solveng, didn't you?

I saw your pics and thought, say, that looks like the day we spent in Los Olivos wine country ... oh. Because it basically is. Neat!

I haven't been to Solveng yet (why? who knows?) Is it just a blast and a half? Say, would you say there are a good number of scandinavian foods stores up there? I need a particular type of salmiak candy to make a bottle of Salmiakki for the upcoming Midsommer.

Star said...

I love love love andersen's pea soup too! Thanks claudia and ellen! :)

fleur - yes! you have to go. tons of scandinavian foods. it's a great getaway.