Monday, January 29, 2007


I'm almost done with the pomatomus socks... except they aren't going to be socks now. I thought of something I'd prefer them to be, with some modifications of course.

I'll reveal their beauty and all that very soon. But I have a frustration about chart knitting and I wonder if there is a better solution out there.

Technique: Using a sticky note to know what line I am on. Finish the line, move the sticky note.

Problem: The sticky note loses it's sticky when you aren't looking and the next thing you know the chart is there all plain and the little yellow rectangle is on the floor.

Solution: You tell me.


Harlem Purl said...

I use that same chart reading method and have fallen into the same pitfalls. I have a shawl UFO that's been sitting in my knitting basket for the past 8 months all because I lost the damn sticky and I'm too irritated to try and figure out where I am.

I'm guessing armwarmers (even though you didn't ask). If so, then I think that's so kewl. In the words of Vicki Howell...Knit On!

Anonymous said...

4 words... multiple post it notes. If you put them above the line, one on each line, when you finish a line you can remove the post it and you're all ready to go on to the next one.

It's not necessary for every chart, but for complicated lace, totally worth it.

Anonymous said...

I use a magnetic board and strip. They were originally sold for cross stitch patterns but you can now get them from most knitting suppliers too.
Couldn't use a chart without mine!

AR said...

Magnetic board. When I remember.

Looks good. sleeves for a sweater?
hmmm at first I typed swearer. LOL

Star said...

brilliant! I'll look into the magnetic board. This is actually what keeps me from knitting more lace. So silly.

Laura said...


I bought one of those metal boards with the magnetic strips for my mom at xmas. She does cross stitch, but it would work equally well for knitting charts. You can even find magnet strips that are a big magnifying glass.

Anonymous said...

HIGHLIGHTER. It's not just for wrecking college textbooks anymore!
Of course, you should print/copy the pattern so it isn't ruined, but it doesn't fall off and the cat doesn't move it.

m. said...

I do the sticky note thing too, but I keep the pattern in a page protector. Sticking and resticking it to the plastic seems to make the sticky last longer. :) Hope it works for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Star...
I take my pattern and place it in a clear plastic sheet-protector...You have to tape the page into the sheet protector or else the page will move.
Once the page is in the protector you can use a sticky-note and the gummy stuff on teh note won't get full of thinkgs like lint, stray paper pulp and ink... plus, sticky notes aren't acid-free and safe to use on things you'd like to keep for a long time (like some petterns) so if you get acid-free, archival tape to use on your patterns when you place them into the page-protector... you can keep your patterns for you children's childre... or your nextdoor neighbor's kids... or for someone who wants it 20 years from now.

Page protector
Archival quality tape
Sticky note stays stuck. :)

Star said...

This has been SO HELPFUL! I can't believe all of these great ideas... and NONE of them occurred to me before. Brilliant. Thanks!