Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A stitch in time...

Here is the secret knitting, on it's way! I couldn't decide if taking a picture in front of FedEx was way too dorky so I opted for the subtle package in my car picture instead.

A wave of good cheer is sweeping through my apartment today as I can now sit back and reflect on all the exciting adventures in knitting and spinning I had the last month. Heck, why not reflect on 2006?

June - started this blog. Also, had Lasik eye surgery. Not really knitting related but I love to talk about it.

July - launched the first annual "Tour de Fleece" (named by sopranospinner) - To learn more hit the banner on the side. You have 6 months to train, people! Also, I "released" the band cuff free pattern (link on side)

August - The one year anniversary for when I first learned how to spin.

September - My first pattern was published in Fall knitty (see link on side) AND my homespun took home ribbons at the L.A. County Fair. I also scored a drum carder. This was a great month!

October - Keep on knitting in the free world welcomed our 10,000th visitor. I celebrated by writing a Kool-Aid dying tutorial (link on side)

November - Pleased with myself for writing that tutorial, I wrote a Wilton's icing gel dying tutorial (again, see sidebar for link)

December - I got to be a guest on diy's "knitty gritty" and I had a booth at the Bazaar Bizarre. I've been dreaming big and working hard. I knit a secret project that is going to be in a book, and I am planning more.

What's next? A new wave of spinning, knitting, swapping, dying, writing, rocking and of course, blogging. This is still the free world, last time I checked!


Anonymous said...

What a great year!

AR said...

Yay! I bet shipping that out was a great relief.

How was your surgery? I was too chicken to do it.

Wendy Stackhouse said...

I didn't name the Tour de Fleece!! I found it somewhere on someone's blog!!

Can't wait to see the secret project...

We should get together, maybe Stick and Stone, after school is in again.