Thursday, November 02, 2006

Travel needle roll

From Offhand Designs. Let me say they are absolutely beautiful and really well made. I couldn't even wait to fill it up before I took the picture!

I heard about these reading the stitchdiva newsletter - they send you a bag of your choice if you make a donation to a really worthy cause. Or you can flat our buy them. I just wanted to let eveyone know, if you didn't already. I believe the deal is ending soon.

Just go to the site and hit "Kyann's Wheelchair Fundraiser" to get the details.

I'm having that problem again where something is too nice to use. I need to get over that already.


AR said...

Very cool! The link isn't working for me, though. :(

Star said...

thanks ar - I just fixed the link!

I love your face paint by the way!