Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Knitting journal?

This time of year I'm freaked out and overwhelmed and excited and frightened and most of all, BUSY! The one thing that remains constant, however, are the swap packages that trickle in.

Until next month, when I will have more free time, I may just have to keep showing off this great stuff I keep getting in the mail!

It's been inspiring lately, and brings a smile to the end of a long day. Today I share with you the work of a Craftster named fizzledimpulse.

Actually I scored quite a bit from her, but today I want you to ponder this fantastic book on it's own.

Just because I didn't make it, doesn't mean it isn't handmade, and this mixed paper journal is no exception. I adore it and of course, am too intimidated to use it.

Some things never change.


Anonymous said...

I'm not the only one?!? My best friend made me a book for my birthday once--she MADE the paper, and I was WAY too afraid to use it! What was impressive enough? I say you go to town with yours, though. Afterall, you never have to get face to face with your craftster partner. Personally, once I finish a project, I'm in too much of a rush to get it into use, or given away to journal it. Perhaps the reason I haven't a blog....

Kelly Kilmer said...

Some times you have to jump right in and use your journal!! You won't "Mess it up". :) If it's easier, don't call it a "journal" call it a play book or your art experiment book or whatever...
I teach art journaling, bookbinding (to name a few things) and most people are afraid of "Messing it up" but after they throw paint on the pages they're not afraid any more ;)