Friday, March 29, 2013

Favorite Things: Three

Hello Friday Friends!

I am still here doing this, which surprises no one more than me. Thanks for stopping by and proving that blogs are still a THING. 

Today is Friday which means it's a Favorite Things Day. What is that? Look at this lovely little set-up written by Vivian which I stole from her blog this morning:

{Part of a Friday series with AlexVivian and Lee that celebrates our power to discern, discriminate, decide and declare. Please join us in the comments or on your own site if you have a few favorites, too.}

These are almost always very hard. I am not so very decisive and some topics matter too much or perhaps too little for me to make the definitive choice. What I do is pick the first one that comes to me, and so far that has worked. Enough ado, let us get to it already!

1. Favorite Animated Movie: Kiki's Delivery Service

I have only seen it once, and it was while I was recovering from something, but this movie really touched me. It's about a girl coming into her power and learning to rely on her own magic to make her way in the world.

13 year old witch Kiki and her black cat Jiji

Also Hayao Miyazaki is a genius and I love all of his films that I've seen.

Hayao MIYAZAKI 宮崎駿
Enjoy this nice, humungous picture of Miyazaki

2. Favorite Love Story: Okay, wow. I am torn all over the place for this one. I want to half put down some kind of anti-love story and half some real, touching one. I am generally more moved by LOVE than I am by mushy, fused, icky romantic love between two people that is ultimately unsustainable. Bear in mind I am not bitter, despite how this sounds.

So, I turn to music. Girlfriend in a Coma? Perhaps not... I got it! John Lennon wrote fabulous love songs all over the place. So, here it is: In My Life. This is a beautiful song (in my top five all time favorite Beatle songs) that feels like a meditation on his past and an expanding sense of love in his present and future.

Lennon's Original Lyrics

I have always felt that the people and places I have ever loved I still love. The people and places I liked I still like. Nothing changed. This song echoes that warm feeling for me and I maintain that it is quite a Love Story indeed.

The song is great too. I just read that the solo isn't a harpsichord, it's a sped-up piano. How cool! Anyway, enjoy this weird weird youtube video of In My Life if you'd like and have a great week, Friday Friends!

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