Friday, March 22, 2013

Favorite Things Friday part 2

Hi again! This week we have the following questions: What is your favorite historical discovery? What is your favorite modern convenience? Again, not easy questions.

I'm going with the first things that popped into my head. It's preferable to over-thinking and agonizing and ultimately not coming up with anything better...

Une photo générale de la grande fresque de la salle du fond de la grotte Chauvet, le groupe des félins se trouvant à droite. © Jean Clottes - Ministère de la Culture

Historical Discovery: Really old cave paintings! They make me feel connected to all people everywhere forever. I like this feeling.

lascaux Great Hall of the Bulls
Lascaux Great Hall of the Bulls by Emily Whale

Modern Convenience: Hot running water. Hot showers are a luxury many of us never think about. The month I spent in India without running hot water taught me (among other things) to not take this for granted. When I came home I took a very very long very very hot shower (first one in a month) and felt so grateful. I have felt that way ever since, and its been many showers in 12 years! Also hot baths are magical too. I have to add that.

Shower | No. 2
Shower fixture in Cabin 6 at the the Overlook Motel in Lincoln City, OR. by PhotoAtelier

What are your favorites?

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Unknown said...

Favorites Twins! I, too, contemplated the cave paintings and chose the wheel instead by a narrow margin. Yay for hot, running water!