Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring is evident, mood should be lifting

Hi friends! Rather than avoiding blogging for another day (like I've done for the last two weeks... yikes!) I thought I would jump in today and check in.

I'm just too busy right now. Everything around me is suffering for it. I used to have one of those blogs with good pictures and fun stories. USED to! Ack.

I keep thinking about the blogging I should be doing, about the stuff that is just about to happen. The truth is, all of my current projects are on a gag order and I can't share them. But I can tease them, right?

1. Designing a series of patterns based on the Wizard of Oz. I'll be able to show the first one off in June.

2. A little something coming out soon in Spin Off. It's small, but fun.

3. Another little something in an upcoming issue of Knitscene. I'll remind you about this later.

I know this is all pretty uninteresting without photos. I'm bored just typing it. I'll share some terrible pictures of this thing I shouldn't be doing: Sock Madness.

Talia's Wings


Tropical Mer-tini

Despite working seven days a week, I am sneaking in some competitive speed knitting. I made it through the first three rounds, which is how far I got last year. I hit my goal. I'm happy. Last year I stopped because I moved to Portland... hey! I've lived here one year now! Amazing!

Guess that means it's time to move again. Seriously, I'm staying in Portland, but I have to move. Anyone know a bright, clean, cheap, and quiet place to live here?

If I can get this sorted I may actually have more time for blogging... right? But spring really is here so my mood should be lifting soon.


pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Maybe you haven't been blogging because you've been too busy knitting socks! They are great. I really like the gray and white ones.

T.M. said...

You must stop designing! I can't keep up with the knitting...teehee. Great socks. And I love the patterns. Just have to decide which yarn to use to knit them!

Natalie Rush said...

Wow...they all look awesome!