Thursday, April 09, 2009

Reality Check

Meet the 98-year-old quake survivor who knitted to stay alive here.

Maria D’Antuono told rescue workers she spent the 30 hours she was trapped under her bed knitting to keep herself busy.

Other sources say she was crocheting instead. Either way. This is my kind of person.


Ms. B's Mind said...

that's my kind of lady...which is why when i evacuated for hurricane ike i took ALL my sock yarn cause you never know..

Amy W said...

Looks like she was trapped under her bed. I guess I'm doing the right thing by storing my extra yarn & needles under mine.

TricotChico said...

As a person whose first thought on planning to fly is, "what will I bring to knit during the flight?", I can totally relate to this woman.

Wendy Stackhouse said...

One of the reasons I bring knitting with me EVERYWHERE in SoCal is--what if there's an earthquake? I MUST have something to knit if I get stuck somewhere.

I no longer think that is a silly idea.