Friday, October 10, 2008

Summer is over

1. It's 42 degrees outside.

2. It's raining.

3. I am longing to knit blankets and sweaters.

4. The leaves are starting to turn.

5. Burgerville switched from walla walla onion rings to sweet potato fries


I think I speak for all of Portland when I say that the blackberry shakes are lovely, but we're ready for the pumpkin shakes now. Thank you.


The Bon said...

Looks like we can expect caramel apple shakes pretty soon. That's a new one, and sounds delicious!

erin32mc said...

42 degrees oh my!

Anonymous said...

We'll wait until summer to visit, but those sweet potato fries sound really good. Guess it'll be Walla Walla oniion rings for us. Bundle up! Patti

KateK8 said...

I love that you measure the seasons by what they serve at Burgerville. Now I need to investigate those sweet potato fries...

Tracy said...

Wah. As much as I love pumpkin-flavored beverages, I miss summer already!