Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cloth Paper Scissors Studios

Today I report that pictures of my "studio" have appeared in a magazine:

Cloth Paper Scissors Studios Fall/Winter 2008, published by Interweave Press.

The magazine features inspiration and ideas for your art and craft space. Which is funny since I don't technically have an art and craft space. I do have a living room and calling it a craft space sort of makes it so.

Joking aside, it's pretty neat to appear in this magazine and I'm thankful for the opportunity, naturally.

I was interviewed for Studios about my "studio", but due to space issues most of the pictures didn't make it in there, making my descriptions somewhat pointless. So I present to you now the full article, as I would have done it, had the magazine been called Star Athena's Studio.

My So Called Studio

star athena

What I do: Knitting and spinning

I used a recent move as an opportunity to redesign my workspace. I’ve come to Portland in search of the Good Life, and for me, that includes being creative every day. But my studio area doubles as my living space, so it must be organized. As a knitter, spinner, and lover of all things fiber, I found myself craving a balance of inspiration and usefulness.

Yarn on the bookshelf

I started with a large bookshelf and filled it with items that inspire me. Old coffee cans hold needles and brushes. A CD crate turned sideways holds a rainbow of sock yarn. I decorated the space with a screen-printed picture of a girl on a bike I bought from an artist on the streets of Lower Manhattan. . I love the moment it depicts – foot on pedal, about to push off and have an adventure. Inspiration? Check. Usefulness? Check. Organized? Of course.

My so called studio

In front of the shelf I put a unique wooden chair. I like to sit here and spin on my vintage Louet S10 wheel. My mom made the pillow by hand.

My So Called Studio

I spend many hours here in the month of July spinning yarn while watching the Tour de France on TV.

Spinning Yarn

Across the room is another cabinet with magazines, books on natural plant dying, pens, rulers, and a portable record player. Yes, I still play vinyl records and I love them.

My So Called Studio

My favorite new element in this workspace is the couch. It’s perfect! I love the shape, fabric, color, and overall cuteness factor. I like to stretch out here with a cup of tea and knit for hours. Sometimes I sit up late, sketching new patterns with a pencil in a simple spiral-bound lined notebook.

Pattern writing

I think the couch is fitting as the center of my workspace because it was made locally in Portland. I love the quality of life here and how people are active in making their own surroundings better. This couch represents my new life as creative pursuits take center stage in my journey.

My So Called Studio


erin32mc said...

your space looks cool.
i love the furniture and feel of it all together.

Anonymous said...

You've got it goin'on. Your place looks great and serves your purposes very well. I think the magazine should give you a job writing articles like the one you wrote for yourself. Patti

Shrinkie said...

I loved seeing a knitter/spinner in Studios, so what a treat to link here from Knitty Surprise (great pattern) and see your version - fab!