Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Finished Object: Clapotis

I am officially a Real Knitter. I finished knitting the most popular pattern ever: knitty's Clapotis.

And because I am the millionth Clapotis maker:

1. I am not going to make "clap" jokes.

2. I am not going to tell you how it is pronounced.

I followed the pattern as written with a few minor changes.

First change: yarn. I used Wollmeise 80/20 Fluffy Dani Medium.

Next: Needle size. Because this is fingering weight yarn, I went down in size and used a US 4.

Yes, you would use smaller needles for socks, but I wanted this thing to have a nice drape.

Last: Number of repeats. I added an extra set to the middle section. I could've added more.

What I would do differently: If I did this again, I would weigh the skein before starting, then weigh it after the increase section.

Then I would know how far I could go before I had to start the decreases.

Overall: Very happy with it. Of course. Great pattern + great yarn = great joy.

Now that I've finished two iconic patterns (Monkey) this year, I'm wondering what the next one will be...

That is, after round two of Sock Madness. And after I move. And after I finish this other shawl...

A knitter's work is never done!


g and h said...

star...that is beautiful! nice job!


Macoco said...

Gorgeous work! I love how the blue and brown work together in your clapotis.

Anonymous said...

It's gawjus! I love my clap and wear it often. I bet that one will get lots of wear too

Suzy Girl said...

Congratulations real knitter, lol! How pretty!! I love it in the Wollmeise.
And I just finished one too. But in a worsted weight. I might even make another.

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely gorgeous!! Beautifully done! If you're happy and you know it...Moma ewe

Natalie Rush said...

It's very pretty! Great job.