Friday, March 21, 2008

Fiber Friday 3/21/08

Hi again. Warning: rambling ahead.

Of course I don't have any new fiber to share today (still moving!) but I love Fiber Friday too much to let it slide unacknowledged.

I thought I would show off some yarn I spun just about one year ago today...

Fiber Friday 3/23/07
Here we are, another Friday, and I've got some more homespun, hand-dyed yarn to show off!

These first two are part of a series I am exploring called "crayons." I want the yarn to look like a fresh box, full of potential.

The first one weighs 3.5 oz and measures 142 yards. The second one weighs 3.4 oz and measures 135 yards. Together, I hope they have some bright future.

The third yarn is definitely a left turn for me. I tend to go for rich earthy colors and well, this one is delicate and girly. It's for a swap and I do try to work with the colors I think people will like.

The last one is a return to Tiffany's. This yarn is based on a similar yarn I spun a while back. I dyed up some Tiffany blue roving and spun it up. Then I plied with a holographic thread strung with nearly 100 pearls. Real pearls, of course.

I'm happy with the way it came out, nice and bouncy and energetic. 3.7 oz, 104 yards.

This one is going out in a swap as well, but it's not meant to be a surprise, so I think it's okay to share it. I was obviously hypnotised by the yarn as I photographed it, because out of the many many pearls you can only see about five. Trust me, they're in there!

Have a good one, people! That's not an order or anything, but a strong suggestion. Yeah!


What can I say? I'm not spinning and I'm not swapping right now but I am knitting every day... and:

-downloading songs on iTunes
-watching cute animal videos on youtube
-writing a shawl pattern
-calculating what I can buy with my Loopy Ewe credit
-watching John Adams on HBO
-enjoying detoxing spa treatments (thanks mom!)
-having lunch with old friends
-reading "A New Earth" and "taking" the weekly online class
-lurking in the Ravelry forums

In summary, doing all sorts of things instead of packing.

I thought I would feel better getting this off my chest but I only feel a mild embarrassment.

This is still true: Have a good one, people! That's not an order or anything, but a strong suggestion. Yeah!

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