Friday, December 01, 2006

Knitty Gritty rehearsal day

To get you up to date, I am going to be a guest on DIY's knitty gritty. Ok, now that you know everything...

I just returned from the rehearsal for Monday's show taping and it went well. I have more knitting to do this weekend, of course, but that pretty much describes every weekend around here.

Here are some questions that came up, and I'm curious how other knitters answer them:

1. Is knitting like other creative things you do? (like playing music, etc.)

2. Do you knit things you can actually use, wash and keep using? Even to the point of wearing them out?

We'll see how I answer those on Monday. I'm hoping they'll let me hang my homespun yarn all over the set. We'll see about that too.

I nearly met Amy Singer from - Unfortunately she was on her way out as I was entering. Sigh. Some day... it would be nice to meet her in person since I am officially a knitty contributor. Yes, my pants are very fancy these days.


Unknown said...

) Hi. I get to be one of your knitsters. I also got to be in the last show taped on Friday. Since I don't think that I would have gotten to talk to our guest as much if there hadn't been some pre-production to frantically help with, I wanted to say Hi now (because I really really hope that everything goes smoothly and we will be out before lunch and there will be nothing to bond over except a quickly filmed show). ;) Can't wait!

Wendy Stackhouse said...

Clearly I must submit myself. You're taping next week, also Stephanie Pearl-McPhee! I've invited her for coffee!!

I didn't even know they taped in Burbank, silly me.

Have a great time!

Anonymous said...

good luck star!!!!!!!!!! mike

AR said...

Fancy pants. Hehe
Very cool!

Anonymous said...

Break a leg!