Friday, May 17, 2013

Favorite Things, Ten

Hi friends! This week I get to share with you two more favorites. This won't take long, and the pictures might make you smile. They did that for me at least.

1. Favorite Fiber: Wool

Yarn I spun from a blend of merino, targhee and rambouillet (All breeds of sheep)

I have worked with many fibers as a spinner and knitter and wool is always the mainstay. Sure cashmere has charm (goat, not sheep) and silk is luxurious (worm, what?) but wool is the most versatile. There are so many breeds of sheep that produce wool. Shorter fibers like merino are soft and the longer staples (non-fiber people say "scratchy") are long wearing. Wool is warm, even when wet. So yes, I have to go with the obvious answer here.

2. Favorite blogs: My friends are my favorites. Then people I know. Then random things. Okay, I used to really love Cake Wrecks. I don't really look at it much anymore. I'm sure it's still good though...

my favorite category - literal interpretation of the instructions

I also used to spend time on Cute Overload. I don't know if these are blogs. I don't really know what blogs are anymore. How about a cute pic now? See you soon, I hope!

This image is burning into your heart right this minute

{Part of a Friday series with AlexVivian and Lee that celebrates our power to discern, discriminate, decide and declare. Please join us in the comments or on your own site if you have a few favorites, too.}

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