Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day, 2012

Four years ago I blogged about spinning yarn on leap day. A lot has happened in my life since then as I imagine it has in yours.

I'd like to present a flashback to that day, because even though it was four years ago, it is resonating on my frequency today.

Leap Day:

Today is a special day that only exists in secret gardens, magic castles, and enchanted forests... a hidden room behind a bookcase, a day in between days.

It's a good day for making progress, for making a giant leap!

Today I share with you a progression of fiber. I dyed the wool, spun it up, and plied it together into yarn. It's now called Sea Change.

Is it perfect? No. Was it once the clippings off a sheep? Yes.

That is the sea change.

Even as everything spins around in constant chaos, we have a free day. Use it for do-overs and new beginnings... I suggest.

There is so much magic in creating things. It is a leap. I am a part of it and so are you.

This day is for us!

/end flashback

I needed that. Enjoy your extra day today, party people! And in other news, look out tomorrow for a new pattern.

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