Saturday, September 24, 2011

New Club Tease #1

Hello there knitter friends and friends of knitters,

The new club is coming soon and I'd like to let you in on the early details now. Got a minute? Pull up a chair and pour yourself a nice something. While you're at it, I'll take one too. Ready? Okay.

Introducing... Stumptown Knits

Stumptown Knits is an accessories collection designed to honor the place you live and the place you love. For me, it’s inspired by Portland, OR. What will it be for you?

Portland Summer Evening
photo by StuSeeger via flickr

This club will run for 6 months and will feature 6 patterns.

When finished, the club's patterns will be compiled into an e-book. The e-book will be included in the cost of the club.

Anyone who was a Socks For All Seasons club member will get a discount code to join Stumptown Knits if they want to.

Anyone who buys the Socks For All Seasons ebook (within a specified time range TBD) will also get a coupon code. More on this later.

Right now 3 of the 6 patterns are:

Socks with stripes and lace
Scarf with variegated sock yarn
Hat with cables

Portland day
photo by rynosoft via flickr

Are you a Ravelry member? Vote here on what the last 3 patterns should be. Of course, I will have final say. We're not designing a camel here, people.

More details will follow as they unfold...

Hey! Before you go, be sure to enter the giveaway below if you haven't yet. The deadline is Sunday (tomorrow) night. I'm consulting the random number generator on Monday morning!

In closing, a word about the pictures here. The first one is a classic shot of the Willamette river dividing east and west Portland. The second is a classic scene of bikes parked (even though it is raining) and one of the bikes is a clown bike. This last gem is a unicycle rider in a kilt playing the Star Wars theme on bagpipes. I am not exaggerating when I say this is very very Portland.

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Unknown said...

Anatole and I saw that unicycle-riding kilted piper one evening while we were enjoying our dinner outside. Nobody has believed me since, I'm glad to have some proof at last!