Saturday, October 31, 2009

Miss Marple

I love a good mystery.

Miss Jane Marple is a fictional crime solving old lady who knits while sleuthing. Obviously she's a role model for me.

When I was asked to design a mystery sock for Sock Knitter's Anonymous (a huge Ravelry group) I was honored and set right to work on the mystery theme.

So, no pictures yet. But if you want to knit along, here is the first clue:

download Miss Marple clue #1 now

The pattern will be released in 4 clues, one a week for the month of November. Sometime in December it will be reformatted with pictures and available for sale for $1.99. I'd suggest you take it while it's free, if you prefer.

And, because this is a blog, I'll link to the Miss Marple Wikipedia page. I wasn't going to but it's standard operating procedures.

NEW: Sorry - links not active anymore. Use this instead:

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Kelley Petkun said...

Hi Star!

I am thrilled with your Mystery Sock! What a phenomenal theme! I am also a Miss Marple fan - have read and listened to all of the stories. I am going to raid the Essential stash at the office tomorrow!

Do you have any general color suggestions to make? Lots of contrast or would subtlety work better?

Star said...

Hi Kelley! Great to see your comment here :) Don't you just love Miss Marple!?

I'd definitely go with two contrasting colors. I mean to say that contrast is more important than color. So even two blues would work if one was dark and one was light.

I'm actually going to use Risata for the sample. I'll post pictures soon.