Friday, August 28, 2009

This week in yarnia

Howdy partners! It occurs to me that I should check in with you today and share some yarn-related highlights of late. Perhaps some non-yarn joy as well. I never know where these stream of consciousness posts will lead.

1. Yarn Acquisition:

the beautiful and I met our pal Alex the talented at Abundant Yarn to see what they had on hand, and to say goodbye. They are closing their brick and mortar shop but will carry on with their dyeing and online business. Their fun staff and fiber selections will be missed by many.

Rowan Felted Tweed
So, I fell into some Rowan. I picked up these four balls of Felted Tweed with intentions of colorwork mitts of some kind.

Rowan Scottish Tweed
And then came Scottish Tweed. I don't need any more yarn. But. Well. It's Vivian's fault. She picked out these lovely balls of yarn to make a fair isle hat. She was mentioning how tough it was to find the right pattern. So I HAD to get the same yarn and challenge myself to come up with a really great hat pattern, right?

It will be fun to see two stranded hats in the same yarn but of different designs. Kind of an experiment, I think.

2. Scottish Tweed, you say?

Perhaps this was a good omen, because I then found out I get to teach at the UK Knit Camp next year in Scotland! I am really excited about this, even though it is a whole year away.

3. The other exciting thing this week was receiving this package: (I forgot to include the pen in the pic, sorry)

Leethal Quick Knits Club - August 2009

The first installment of Leethal's Quick Knits Club! I know some of you are doing this club with me and I hope more will join me. Go on, sign up for next month - the deadline is September 1st. It's really really worth it! More of my enthusiasm for this club here.

4. One other wave of fantastic-ness washed through Portland this week. I will share it with you next week, because it involves a giveaway. That's right, I'll be giving away something pretty neat right here next week. Something currently unavailable and desirable. Are you going to come back and see what it is? I hope so!

5. Lantern Rouge:

Every now and again I share a poem, usually by Langston Hughes. How about one today? Do with it what you will. I have taken it to heart.

Gather out of star-dust
And splinters of hail,
One handful of dream-dust
Not for sale.


Unknown said...

oh, 'the beautiful', you really are too much. and did you *really* mean the 'dying business'? a slip of the pen, perhaps? ahem. and thank you!

Grant said...

Congratulations on your invitation to teach in Scotland! A shame it's sooooo loooong from now!

Star said...

Vivian! Thanks for pointing out that little typo. I have corrected it now. Ahem indeed.

Anonymous said...

Scotland, fantastic! The sheep, oh the sheep you will see. Baa Baa
Auntie P.

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Sorry to see Abundant go. Missed the sale. Oh, well. I don't need any more yarn, either.

Congrats on UK Knit Camp! That sounds like a fun trip. I'd love to go. We'll see!