Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This week in knitting and spinning and other thing

Hi again! Isn't summer just the bestest? I'm loving the late sunsets and fresh fruit and skirts with knee socks. I'd like to share some current events from this side of the free world:

1. I was interviewed for a podcast! The Knit Pick's podcast! It can be downloaded for free (anytime after Wednesday July 1st) from the Knitting Community or through iTunes. I subscribe through iTunes.

Kelley and I chatted about a few subjects: The Tour de Fleece, Sock Summit, and Spin Off. I am certain I stuck my foot in my mouth a few times, but I have learned to live with this trait of mine. Overall it was really fun and I'm happy I had the opportunity.

Spinning Yarn

2. Tour de Fleece you say? Yes! Welcome to another year of the Tour de France themed spin-along. Telling muggles about a sock knitting convention is one thing, but trying to explain handspinning yarn along with a French cycling event is really pushing it.

And yet, there are over 1150 of us signed up to do it, and nearly 60 prizes to give away! It's not too late to sign up and it's not to late to donate a prize either. The event is hosted entirely on Ravelry now, in the Tour de Fleece group. Go there, won't you?

Here is yarn I spun during 2007's Tour:
Vegetable Patch

3. I'm not done talking about the sock summit.

4. Black Sheep Gathering was a smashing success. And it included Brownie Batter Blizzards and a Value Village stop in Salem on the way home.

This is a picture my pal Lee took and I'm totally stealing it but it is of me and I am telling you now to visit her flickr and blog because she is so flipping talented!

5. So twice this week I'm out running and I spot a lemonade stand. Different lemonade stands. So twice I bought street lemonade from young entrepreneurs. Twice I gave tips. Twice I heard "oh boy!" These kids really need to set better prices. What costs 25 cents anymore?

6. Speaking of running... I'm attempting to do the First Thursday run this week. Any other Portlanders into it?

7. Cold brew coffee. It's always there, in my fridge. Calling to me. So delicious. Make room for some in your fridge too?

8. And I'm still knitting, of course:

Lace Stockings


The Bon said...

I thought I saw you at Black Sheep! You were deep in conversation with Lee and two other women so I didn't want to interrupt, but at least now I know I wasn't imagining things. :)

Andrea said...

Those stockings? Badass!

I'm so sad I can't go to Sock Summit. I'm a fairly new knitter (started in December 2008) and I've quickly glommed onto socks. I love making socks! And taking a design class would be sooo much fun, but alas, I am unable to go, didn't even try to register, and given that 30,000 people crashed the system, even if I could have gone, I don't know that I would have gotten a spot.

mmmmm, socks. cozy, soft, comfy, awesome socks...

TricotChico said...

It's funny that you mention explaining Sock Summit to muggles; I've had a few of those conversations lately, too. Mostly I use it to illustrate how effing insane knitters can be.

It's like I say, "I like knitting, cats, and dolls, but it's not what you think..."

Also, LOVE Lee's pic of you at the Value Vee (for Victory).

Kelley said...

I loved our chat for the podcast! I am all ready for my Tour de Fleece adventure! I'll post on my plans on my blog later. Thank you for coming up with such a fun fiber activity!!


g and h said...

those stockings are S-E-X-Y!


Laura Nelkin said...

Loving those stockings! Do I get to see them in person at Sock Summit? I'll be there... let's hang!

Grant said...

Yes, the stockings are fabulous and incontrovertibly sexy, but it needs to be said -- they wouldn't look half as good as they do if the legs filling them weren't as lovely as they are.