Sunday, January 04, 2009

What I'm up to

Here's how I occupy my time instead of blogging:

1. Bad movie bingo: a game invented by Lee and Pete. You get a bingo board and cross off any cliches that occur.

On new year's eve we played this game and watched Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, yelling out things like "rain because it's sad!" We nearly had blackout.

Check out the game here. Speaking of new year's eve...

2. Mac n' cheese pizza? No, don't call the cops on me. You don't have to call it pizza but you have to admit you're curious. The instructions are found in the "Yay you voted" PDF.

3. Trying to stay warm: hot water bottles! They are simple yet effective.

December 2008 - Portland

4. Is this where I admit to reading the Twilight series? I am not a 16 year old girl but I played one once. When I was 13. And then again when I was 25. I think I'm ready to read big girl books again.

5. Chocolate Hazelnut milkshakes from Burgerville. Local hazelnuts. Crazy delicious. Sustainable fast food?

6. Polishing the book proposal. I have a great idea for a knitting book in a time when publishers are saturated with knitting books.

7. Leg warmers Made using the cable motif from the Koolhaas hat pattern by Jared Flood.

Koolhaas Leg Warmers

8. Pandora. Customizable internet radio based on a scientific principle. I found it's best to create multiple stations rather than trying to make one great mega station.

9. Summer Heights High on HBO. I can watch TV while knitting so I'm at peace with it.

10. You. I'm thinking about you and what you're up to. Hey, what are you up to?


Tracy said...

next time we hang out we should go to burgerville. i love those milkshakes so much.

dragon knitter said...

cici's pizza does a mac & cheese pizza. i kid you not.

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Mmmmmm, Burgerville!

The legwarmers look great!

knitxx0r said...

God I miss Burgerville. And good luck on the book from a random internet stranger.

rita said...

I love Twilight; I've only read the first one and am trying to borrow the second.

Those legwarmers look great! I need to knit some to warm the area between my clogs and the bottom of my too-short sweatpants, but they'll probably be something really plain since I'll only wear them in the house.

Unknown said...

hmmm. i remember a to-do list with 'blog' written on it... :) and: spinning thursday morning? i covet your legwarmies.

Kat said...

The bad movie bingo is a fabulous idea! I hope lots of people buy it~