Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Esther Socks

Grey skies, pink sockens.

Esther Socks

Pattern: Esther Socks by Stephanie van der Linden (Found on Ravelry)

Yarn: Hill Country Yarns Sweet Feet Color: Vermilion.

Hiya Hiya Stainless Steel 32" circular (magic loop), US size 1 (2.25mm)

Esther Socks

Pattern Review: Esther was designed for the Socken-Kreativ-Liste, a German yahoo-KAL with 2000 members. The English version includes some amusing translations.

The picot edge is referred to as "mouse teeth edging" which is at once really cute and a little horrifying.

This is my first picot cuff of this kind and I'm glad I've finally done it. It doesn't quite do what ribbing does, but it stays up well enough and matches the design on the sock pretty well. I still think of them as mouse teeth edging. I'm trying hard not to, actually.

I'll mention that the chart uses non-conventional symbols, which wasn't a problem at all. I used colored pencils to highlight the different stitches and I kept my place easily.

Modifications: Not much to speak of. I reduced the gusset in a more traditional way. I reversed the cables on the second sock for a mirrored effect.

Esther Socks

Yarn Review
: Well, the color is named vermilion and yet it is clearly pink. I'm not really into pink, but I think these came out pretty well.

Esther Socks

Fun to make, cute to wear. I enjoyed the non-traditional pattern style as well. I found it refreshing. Others may find it frustrating. Bear it in mind if you think you want to make them.

Hey! I've knitted myself some pink socks! From a German pattern! During October! Now where are the pretzels and beer already?


brook said...

those are so cute! i am usually a straight st st sock with an eye of partridge heel kinda girl, but i would wear those! niiiiiice.

Hannah said...

those are very pretty and unique! congrats!

Tracy said...

those are lovely! despite the mouse teeth biting your calves! ;)