Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Four days to go...

Bazaar Bizarre is coming.

Goal: (minimums)
10+ Homespun Yarn
12 Batts
30+ Felt Bead Kits
50+ Felt Beads
20 Dyed Yarn (not homespun)
20+ Cuffs
12 Stitch Markers

8 Homespun Yarn
3 Batts
4 Felt Bead Kits (I would have more but I keep selling them on etsy!)
30 Felt Beads (Thanks Ali! - Happy Birthday)
7 Dyed Yarn (not homespun)
32 cuffs
4 Stitch Markers

I think I'm in trouble.

Oh, and I should also dye some silk hankies. And put together some Kool-Aid dying kits. And get some change. And bags. And a tablecloth... and... go to the Clipper's game on Wednesday? I'll be fine. I'll have plenty of time to sleep in 2007.


Cary said...

So yeah, make me feel guilty for purchasing not just 1 but 2 of your felt bead kits! Good luck on getting everything done in time and even more good luck on selling out of everything.

Anonymous said...

good luck star, you can do it!!!!!!!!!!!

Wendy Stackhouse said...

Thinking of you today, hope you have great success (sure that you will)!

I've tagged you over on my blog, so have at it!