Wednesday, September 09, 2009

End of summer vacation

I'm traveling over the next week so I won't check in much for a few days. I wanted to say a quick hello before I get on that plane. Hello there. Sit down, have a slice.

Pizza in Eugene

First, I have a giveaway planned for when I return. I was going to launch it today but then that would be foolish, with me getting on a plane and all. So yeah, look for a fun giveaway next week! Yes, it is knitting related.

Finally, I really enjoyed reading the comments from the other day. Telling stories from other jobs is something I like to do and I'm glad I get to do it here. My life has changed a lot since then and I appreciate having a mirror of sorts to reflect in.

Enjoy the last days of summer. Eat the last blackberries and tomatoes. But prepare for the change in the air. Bury some nuts. If nothing else, get back to your stitches.

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Kat/Aunt Magaidh said...

Just wanted to let you know that I really like your blog...and I'm not related to you! I'm having some similar end of Summer/beginning of fall thoughts and liked seeing your words.

Kat/Aunt Magaidh