Friday, March 15, 2013

Favorite things Friday

Welcome to the first edition of a collection of little tiny blog posts about some favorite things. First up... Favorite animal:

Desdemona, the cookie thief
I don't actually have a favorite animal but this picture captures something I love. Look at her neck roll. Look at her nose. Look at how she just takes that cookie.

Next up, favorite super hero. This is impossible. I would like to fly or freeze time as super powers. I'd love to shop in stores with no one in them and try on things in the middle of the floor. Then fly away over the city and the sea like a bird. I don't need to be invisible as a super power because I already have that one. We all do if you think about it.

Thanks for stopping by. This project was created by my pal Vivian. Her faves are pretty cool. Also on board are Alex and Lee. Stop on by and say HI.

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