Monday, March 26, 2012

Hiya friends! Have a quick sec for a little story involving knitting and chocolate?

chocolate photo by John Loo via Flickr

About a week ago I was busy working on the final touches for next month's Stumptown pattern and needed a break. I went to the website of one of my favorite chocolate makers (Vosges) aaaand five hours later had designed a truffle and entered a contest with it.

Now my truffle is in the running to actually get made!

It's down to voting now. I wish they would just pick the one they like but alas, I get to beg ask everyone to vote for me instead. It's obnoxious, I know, but I really want to win this thing!

Photo by Windell Oskay via Flickr

Ratcha Anachak Thai
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I often find myself gathered with friends… talking, eating, playing, knitting, sharing, dreaming. We talk of travel, love, ideas, and chocolate.

I recently dreamed of a milk chocolate truffle while eating noodles with friends at a local food cart. The spicy peanut sauce kept us warm in the Portland rain.

+ Peanut Butter
+ Galangal/Ginger
+ Brown Sugar
+ Coconut Milk
+ Lime
+ Cayenne
+ Finished with a dusting of toasted sesame seeds

I long to share these truffles with friends at our next gathering as we knit and daydream together. I expect they would disappear quickly!

Like it? Please vote for me here. Tell your friends too, if you're feeling extra kind! Thank you all!

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