Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sock Summit 2011 Aftermath

It was a lovely event and I am lucky to have been there. I should have taken 100 photos but instead I have a few. Wanna see? (Click on any of them to see them bigger)

The location:

sock summit 2011

My Classes:

sock design workshop

my class

The stuff:
Sock Summit 2011 stuff

Sock Summit 2011 yarn

My first Signatures!
Signature Needles

Sock Summit 2011 stuff

Speaking of Spindle Cat Studios, here is the aluminum foil sock:
Aluminum sock

Here is Stephen HizKnit hizSelf:

I posed for a project connected to a neat new book, My Grandmother's Knitting by Larissa Brown. As you can see, it was my own grandmother who taught me how to knit. I'm happy to see a book that honors the tradition, instead of the typical "This ain't you grandma's knitting" type of marketing we've had to endure.

who taught you or inspired you to knit?
photo by Larissa Brown

In summary, I loved seeing old friends and making new ones. I loved the classes I taught and took. I loved the marketplace and having friends there to share it with. The best parts for me were the little things too small and numerous to list.

Also, I came away feeling like I will be able to start designing again in full force this fall. Thank you Sock Summit, you magical beast. I look forward to your return in 2013.

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