Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bellatrix Beginnings

It's been a few days since I shared a sock, so let me introduce you to Bellatrix.

When I found this crazy pattern that looks like you have runs in your socks, on purpose, I knew what I had to do. I had some bold yarn with long and short repeats in my stash... naturally, a perfect match.

I don't normally work socks cuff-down, but every once in a while I give myself permission. It's a nice change, though I swear my foot came out a tiny bit short.

After reading about other people's gauge issues with this pattern, I cast on and worked ribbing with a US size 2 needle, then switched to a US size 1 for the leg. I finished the first sock and I'm now worried the ribbing is loose and they won't stay up. We'll see.

For the second sock, I cast on using size 2 and worked the ribbing loosely with size 1. I think this is the better option for me, and I'm trying not to care that the socks are slightly different.

I also chose to work the foot in plain stockinette, 64 sts. I was afraid the drop stitch texture would get in the way with a shoe. On to the stats...

Pattern by Gigi Silva from Socktopia.

Yarn: Mulberry Bush from Spinning Yarns Online.

Needles: US sizes 1 and 2.

Enjoyment: High. I am shocked by how much I like these socks!


Wendy Stackhouse said...

I've knit these twice and am thinking about doing the mitts version as well! The patterning doesn't interfere with my Mary Janes but I don't think I'd put them in my regular sneakers. I did them on 2's with sportweight yarn and went down to 52 stitches.

Have fun!

Wendy Stackhouse said...

Oh, and since I have to be in Van Nuys on Saturday anyway (business meeting, blech, with my children), I thought I would stop in to Stick and Stone. Wanna come?